The nostalgia experienced during the 98 days that we have had to face during the year 2020 has been key to defining our purpose. Those fateful afternoons in which everything was to be done made us stop and look around us making the corners of the rooms become the true panel of inspiration. It's amazing how the transformation of a simple idea in your head can generate the sound of a factory at rush hour.
Is our origin linked to this period? Partly yes and partly no. You already know that in the north it's not that we don't want to express ourselves clearly, it's that we always want to leave the door ajar to free interpretation.
SUAGONGO was born as a declaration of intent, but also of realities; as the perfect symbiosis between the detail of traditional craftsmanship and the versatility of 3D technology, the DNA of the brand. Each and every one of our pieces seeks to harmonize both essences.
Continuing with traditional crafts as a great reference, we show off one of its greatest exponents: sustainability in the production process. We return to the beginning, to proximity, being aware of each of the actors involved in this journey.
The collections presented are an ode to our family, our customs, the rural world, Asturias and Galicia. They are memories brought to the present by the hand of design, organic, and irregular pieces.