• An ode to our family, to our customs, to the rural world, to Asturias and Galicia.

  • This collection is a memory brought to the present by the hand of design pieces, organic and irregular, like those old vases that filled our houses.


    Meca was Raquel's aunt. As many of you know, she was well known for her art of knitting and crocheting. She spent the entire day creating point by point any garment, quilt or rug almost without stopping to eat. Except when there was a storm, that was sacred, he stopped his work immediately and waited looking at nothing until it stopped.

  • Raquel's centennial grandmother, born in the roaring 20s.

  • PEPA

    A woman who always sailed against all odds, like the day she performed the scene of Mulan crossing a street full of traffic as if she were carrying a lucky cricket.


    Alba's grandmothers. Famous for mixing meat, sweet and nocilla dumplings; for filling our closet with garments woven by themselves and for the varieties of flowers that surround their houses.

  • How beautiful mothers are... and how much more second mothers, our grandmothers.