• The creative process is for us the most exciting part of design.

    The elaboration of moodboards , experimentation with new materials, brainstorming and sociological analysis make each collection unique and special.

    Especially when you make it a reality through 3D modeling and printing. The possibilities that can be developed through this are practically endless.

  • We have made everything from interior design items, room supplies, to wedding bands. There are many of you who have asked us about unique and personalized pieces, which is why we have decided to offer this service.

    Write to us at studio@suagongo.com and tell us your idea.


    Set of 3 lamps modeled and printed in 3D with PLA filament and mussel shell residue.

  • The translucency of the material provides the space with intense light without disturbing.

    This set is ideal for commercial and hospitality spaces, studios, lounges.


    Siguiendo con un must y un imprescindible en las estancias estos detalles no pasarán desapercibidos por el cliente haciéndole sentir en contacto con la naturaleza.