• Welcome to the post-covid era. Welcome to our paradise.

  • This collection represents the Cantabrian coast, its native richness, the endless days of light and the golden sunsets, the saltpeter in the hair, summer love affairs and barbecues with friends after a long day at the beach.

  • Part of the styling for the shoot was carried out by Carmen and Mª Antonia, who hand-sewn fishing nets and traps, previously used by local fishermen, to create Daniëlle's dresses.

  • 3D modeled and printed rings with scallop and willow PLA filaments.


    Giant seaweed-shaped slope that evokes those found under the sea on many rocky beaches in the West.

    The metal settings, also 3D modeled, are cast in resin in our design studio for casting and silver injection by the local jeweler. It is an artisan process, long and very laborious.


  • Periwinkle, caramuxo, caramecha or snail... how many of these will we have caught during our childhood!

    Today they are an inspiration, a sign of home.